* Our caravans are approved as trailers and the VAT is tax deductible with any professional activity.

* For more information on prices and conditions, please contact us via, our contact form, or telephone 689 04 18 25.

* We finance with BBVA up to the total amount of the purchase price for up to 120 months with a TIN of 3,99%.

* Conditions subject to the approval of the operation by the financial institution.

Since our caravans are manufactured in colours, distribution and decoration to suit the customer, the customer is asked for an amount on request and on account of the final price of 2,000 €, and the rest on delivery of the vehicle.

In case of acquiring an already manufactured unit, there would be no initial payment and the full amount would be paid upon delivery of the vehicle.

CaravanCol S.L.

C/ Gutierrez herrero nº 52
Avilés – 33402 – Asturias

Tel: (+34) 644 28 02 77 | Aviso Legal
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CaravanCol is an Asturian company dedicated to the manufacture, sale and rental of mini caravans, this type of caravans with capacity for two people, have as advantages that they are lighter and cheaper than the traditional ones. They are ideal for camping, surfers, weekend trips, cyclotourists, etc.

On the other hand, in its Cargo version it can be used as a trailer to transport the material of your business, without the need to acquire a larger vehicle. Due to its striking design, it can also be used as a source of advertising for your business.

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